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Back-Mount Flanged Guide

This cannula has a 5mm upward projection designed to attach PE tubing directly to it eliminating the use of an Internal. The holes in the flange can be used to suture the cannula into a back-mounted position.
The stainless steel tubing is bent 90 degrees below the pedestal.
Uses C313CAC Dust cap.

Pedestal diameter: 3.5mm (.138”)
Flange height: 1mm (.04”)
Flange diameter: 10mm (.394”)
Hole diameter: 1.56mm (.063”)
Length below pedestal: 7.3mm (0.287")

Mates with: MH-300 Mounting Holder

Equl SKU Product UOM Specification Price(USD)QTY
L0191 Back-Mount Flanged Guide 1 22 4 (.16") PE50 call for price

L0192 Back-Mount Flanged Guide 2 26 4 (.16") PE20 call for price

L0193 Back-Mount Flanged Guide 3 26 8 (.32") PE20 call for price