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Tripod Support

Ideal for supporting spherical or rounded-bottom vessels. Provide perfect support for intermediate processing vessels in all glass plants. Convenient for holding vessels during batch reactions, and can be used as storage receptacles for spare vessels.

Specifications - Heavy steel frame, fully welded for maximum strength. One-piece, wire-reinforced woven fabric basket covers entire bottom half of flask. Heavy weave cushions mechanical bumps and helps protect from abrasions. Easily supports vessel, contents, and attached equipment. Mounting hole in foot of each leg for secure attachment to glass plant framework, floor, or baseplate. Hole at bottom center of basket accommodates vessels with bottom outlets.

Equl SKU Product UOM Specification Price(USD)QTY
G100E O505 Tripod support with aluminum straps for 12000ml fabric mantle EA $278.20
G100E O510 Tripod support with aluminum straps for 22000ml fabric mantle EA $295.10
G100E O504 Tripod support with aluminum straps for 5000ml fabric mantle EA $270.40