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Short Pedestal Guide

Guides Internal Cannula to injection site. Consists of a threaded cylindrical pedestal molded around a piece of stainless steel tubing that extends below the pedestal. The pedestal is secured with cranioplastic cement and mounting screws or cyanoacrylate gel.

Please note: The 2mm pedestal Guide is too short to use a regular Dummy. (See chart below.)

A polyester mesh option is also available if needed as an attachment to the guide pedestal.

Pedestal Diameter. 3.5 mm (.138").

Equl SKU Product UOM Specification Price(USD)QTY
L0001 Short Pedestal Guide1 20 2(.08) $21.71
L0010 Short Pedestal Guide10 26 2(.08) call for price

L0011 Short Pedestal Guide11 26 4(.16) call for price

L0012 Short Pedestal Guide12 26 5(.20) call for price

L0013 Short Pedestal Guide13 24 2(.08) call for price

L0014 Short Pedestal Guide14 24 4(.16) call for price

L0015 Short Pedestal Guide15 24 5(.20) call for price

L0016 Short Pedestal Guide16 23 2(.08) call for price

L0017 Short Pedestal Guide17 23 4(.16) call for price

L0018 Short Pedestal Guide18 23 5(.20) call for price

L0002 Short Pedestal Guide2 20 4(.16) call for price

L0003 Short Pedestal Guide3 20 5(.20) call for price

L0004 Short Pedestal Guide4 21 2(.08) call for price

L0005 Short Pedestal Guide5 21 4(.16) call for price

L0006 Short Pedestal Guide6 21 5(.20) call for price

L0007 Short Pedestal Guide7 22 2(.08) call for price

L0008 Short Pedestal Guide8 22 4(.16) call for price

L0009 Short Pedestal Guide9 22 5(.20) call for price