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Micro Mantles

Glas-Col micro mantles provide precise heat control for small flasks. The mantle is used extensively in analytical work and in purification of research products with only small samples available. Available for spherical flasks from 5 to 35 ml and pear-shaped flasks from 5 to 250 ml. Fits multiple-neck flasks.

Equl SKU Product UOM Specification Price(USD)QTY
G100A MICP100 Fabric micro mantle, for 100ml pear shaped flask, 70W, 115V maximum EA 适用于100ml梨形瓶(for100ml pear shaped flask) 115V $248.30
G100A MIC10 Fabric micro mantle, for 10ml spherical flask, 20W, 30V maximum EA 适用10ml圆瓶( for 10ml spherical flask) 20W, 30V $182.00
G100A MICP150 Fabric micro mantle, for 150ml pear shaped flask, 90W, 115V maximum EA 适用于150ml梨形瓶(for150ml pear shaped flask) 90W, 115V $250.90
G100A MIC20 Fabric micro mantle, for 20ml spherical flask, 27W, 60V maximum EA 适用于20ml圆瓶(for 20ml spherical flask) 27W, 60V $196.30
G100A MICP250 Fabric micro mantle, for 250ml pear shaped flask, 135W,115V maximum EA 适用于250ml梨形瓶(for250ml pear shaped flask) 135W,115V $291.20
G100A MIC25 Fabric micro mantle, for 25ml spherical flask, 30W, 60V maximum EA 适用25ml圆瓶(for 25ml spherical flask) 30W, 60V $196.30
G100A MIC35 Fabric micro mantle, for 35ml spherical flask, 35W, 60V maximum EA 适用35ml圆瓶( for 35ml spherical flask) 35W, 60V $196.30
G100A MICP50 Fabric micro mantle, for 50ml pear shaped flask, 35W, 60V maximum EA 适用于50ml梨形瓶(for50ml pear shaped flask) 35W, 60V $240.50
G100A MIC5 Fabric micro mantle, for 5ml spherical flask, 12W, 30V maximum EA 适用5ml圆瓶(for 5ml spherical flask) 12W, 30V $182.00
G100A MICP65 Fabric micro mantle, for 65ml pear shaped flask, 40W, 60V maximum EA 适用于65梨形瓶(for65ml pear shaped flask) 40W, 60V $240.50