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These Temperature Measuring Strips are made of aluminium which allows a very fast and quickly change of colour. There are 8 or 9 different temperature indicators on one strip. EQUL Temperature Measuring Strips are covered with a transparent heat- resistant film covering for protection against lightly humidity and pollution. But they are not waterproof. The Strips are self-adhesive.
Other special strips on request.
Size: about 75 x 5 mm.Packing: One plastic bag contains 50 strips of same type.
Areas of application:
temperature monitoring of bearings, clutchs, brakes, valves, gear boxes
Electrical field:
coils, generators, transformers, switches, appliances, casings
soldering of printed circuits, transistors, resistors, tubes
Storage and transport:
monitoring the safe store or transport temperature of heat sensitive goods such as chemicals, food-stuffs and biologicals

Equl SKU Product UOM Specification Price(USD)QTY
TYPE 3/S 116-154°C S-Type 50/pack 75 x 5 mm $260.00
TYPE 4/S 160-199°C S-Type 50/pack 75 x 5 mm $260.00
TYPE 5/S 204-260°C S-Type 50/pack 75 x 5 mm $260.00
TYPE 1/S 37.8-65.6°C S-Type 50/pack 75 x 5 mm $260.00
TYPE 1.2/S 49-88°C S-Type 50/pack 75 x 5 mm $260.00
TYPE 2/S 71-110°C S-Type 50/pack 75 x 5 mm $260.00