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Back-Mounted Flanged

This cannula has an upward projection of 5mm and is designed to attach PE tubing directly to it eliminating the use of an Internal.
Customer also chooses the pedestal height: either 4mm or 8mm.
The holes in the flange can be used to suture it into a back-mounted position.
The stainless steel tubing is bent 90 degrees below the pedestal.
Pedestal diameter: 3.5mm (.138”)
Flange height: 1mm (.04”)
Flange diameter: 10mm (.394”)
Hole diameter: 1.56mm (.063”)
Length below pedestal: 7.3mm (0.287")

Equl SKU Product UOM Specification Price(USD)QTY
L0351 Back-Mounted Flanged 22 4 (.16") PE50 call for price

L0352 Back-Mounted Flanged 26 8 (.32") PE20 call for price

L0353 Back-Mounted Flanged 26 4 (.16") PE20 call for price