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Acute Guide

For periodic acute injections using a syringe. A recessed top assists in guiding the syringe needle into the cannula. The recess makes this unit unsuitable for use with an Internal. A stop can be put on the needle so that it penetrates to the exact depth with each injection. After each injection, a Dummy can be inserted to prevent tissue entry.

The unit consists of a threaded cylindrical plastic pedestal molded around a piece of stainless steel tubing that extends below the pedestal. The pedestal is secured with cranioplastic cement and mounting screws.

A polyester mesh option is also available if needed as an attachment to the guide pedestal.

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L0175 Acute Guide1 18 call for price

L0184 Acute Guide10 24 call for price

L0176 Acute Guide2 18 call for price

L0177 Acute Guide3 19 call for price

L0178 Acute Guide4 19 call for price

L0179 Acute Guide5 20 call for price

L0180 Acute Guide6 20 call for price

L0181 Acute Guide7 21 call for price

L0182 Acute Guide8 22 call for price

L0183 Acute Guide9 26 call for price