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Equl® Honey Diastase Test is an optimization of Phadebas Amylase Test for analyzing diastase in honey. To meet the demands from honey analysing labs, Equl® Honey Diastase Test was developed to ensure that all batches will behave alike and adhere to the set of equations in the International Honey Commission's guidelines. Equl® Honey Diastase Test is launched as an improved and cost efficient alternative to the Schade method with; better precision, higher selectivity, fewer reagents, fewer steps, less complexity and less labour time.

Equl SKU Product UOM Specification Price(USD)QTY
PHDT-1321 Honey Diastase Test(50) bottle 50 tablets $249.21
PHDT500-1322 Honey Diastase Test, 5x100 tablets bottle 5x100 tablets $1,245.79