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Forensic Saliva Test

Forensic Saliva Test products are divided into two categories; the Equl Press Test and the Tube Test.  Press Test contains pre-coated papers that are capable of localising and identifying saliva on any type of fabric or material. The assay is easy to perform and it circumvents the difficulties of locating saliva deposits with for example alternate light sources. Equl Tube Test is used for presumptive testing of suspicious stains. The Tube Test assay is very sensitive and is regularly used as an indicative test of visible stains. All Equl Forensic Saliva Test products are produced in clean room facilities to avoid risk of contamination.

Equl SKU Product UOM Specification Price(USD)QTY
PA3S-1315 Forensic A3S box 25 sheets 395x300mm $606.71
PCR-1317 Forensic CR box roll of paper 395 mm x 15 meters $953.29
PA4-1314 Forensic Saliva Test A3S box 12 sheets 300x195 mm $238.29