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These systems have been updated with a flow meter attached to the side for controlling the gas flow to the equalizer manifold giving equal gas flow to each well. Each well has consistent evaporation. Needle height is easily adjustable to enable most sizes and capacities of microplates

  • Low cost solution for the concentration of 96/384 well extractions and reactions
  • Each SS Needle delivers an equal flow of nitrogen or other gas
  • Gently speeds evaporation of excess liquid
  • Gas flow: 1 to 100ml/needle
  • Size: 7"w x 5 1/2"d x 7 1/2" h
  • Body constructed of nylon and can be sterilized by autoclaving

Equl SKU Product UOM Specification Price(USD)QTY
G099A EV20 Evaporator 20 place for 15-16mm tubes EA $1,124.50
G099A EV24 Evaporator 24 place for 12 x 32 autosampler vials EA $1,288.30
G099A EV384 Evaporator, 384 well EA $1,569.10
G099A EV96 Evaporator, 96 well EA $1,222.00