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The Original Pipet-Aid

Can be used with glass or plastic pipets
Autoclavable components
The Drummond Pipet-Aid® set the standard for a convenient alternative to mouth pipetting in the laboratory. A patented, easy-to-use volume control mechanism permits precise fluid intake and delivery.
A check valve protects against accidental fluid intake into the handle and optional Tissue Culture Nosepiece will prevent cross-contamination due to over-pipetting. A special filtration unit for use with biohazardous materials is also available.

Equl SKU Product UOM Specification Price(USD)QTY
D4-000-111-TC PIPET-AID 110 V FILTERED TC EA $348.79
D4-000-110-TC PIPET-AID 110 V PLAIN TC EA $281.71
D4-000-111 PIPET-AID 110V FILTERED EA $314.21
D4-000-110 PIPET-AID 110V PLAIN EA $249.21
4-000-110-CSA PIPET-AID 110V, CSA APPROVED EA call for price

D4-000-221-TC PIPET-AID 220 V FILTERED TC EA $384.54
D4-000-220-TC PIPET-AID 220 V PLAIN TC EA $308.75
D4-000-221 PIPET-AID 220V FILTERED EA $338.00
D4-000-220 PIPET-AID 220V PLAIN EA $274.04
D4-000-220-TCE PIPET-AID 220V, TC, UK PLUG EA $308.75
D4-000-221-TCE PIPET-AID 220V/FILTR. TC, UK PLUG EA $384.54
D4-000-200 PIPET-AID PORTABLE 220 V CHGR EA $379.21
4-000-110-CSA-TC PIPET-AID w/TC NOSEPIECE, CSA APP. EA call for price

4-000-111-CSA-TC PIPET-AID w/TC NSEPCE & PUMP,CSA EA call for price

4-000-111-CSA PIPET-AID, FILTERED 110V, CSA APP. EA call for price

D4-000-221-E PIPET-AID/FILTR/220V/UK PLUG EA $338.00
D4-000-200-E PORTABLE/220V UK CHARGER EA $400.79