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Toothpick Dispenser

This stainless steel toothpick dispenser incorporates a rotating cylinder that issues one toothpick per turn.  This allows for easy one-handed operation right on your benchtop!  A small 4.50" x 4.50" footprint allows the unit to be stored anywhere.  Pick colonies, mix samples and culture with ease and efficiency! 

Each dispenser includes a polypropelyne case that can be sealed after autoclaving to keep contaminants out.  When you are all done with the dispenser simply snap the top back into place! 

Equl SKU Product UOM Specification Price(USD)QTY
DB-PICK-2000 Kokeshi-style Toothpicks, 350/pk 350/pk $8.71
DB-PICK-1000 Toothpick Dispenser w/polypropelyne case EA $86.71