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NUNC Cell Culture

Nunc is part of Thermo Fisher Scientific and an internationally known and well-established (since 1953) brand of high tech disposable plastic ware fulfilling the needs of today’s customers within biotechnology, pharmaceutical and research laboratories as well as in the production of vaccines and diagnostic kits.

Nunc brand is committed to playing an important role in the development of new products and surface treatments which will help scientists to produce results and to find industrial applications for discoveries made in pure science.

Equl SKU Product UOM Specification Price(USD)QTY
260251 96DeepWell Plates EA 5/SL 1ml
167008 F96 Cell Culture pack/case:1/50 $284.96
163320-1 F96 MicroWell™ Plates(Cell Culture(Units per pack/case:1/50)) EA call for price

163320 F96 MicroWell™ Plates(Cell Culture,U-shaped ) EA call for price

150628 Multidishes (No. of wells:12) Flat 128 x 86 call for price

150628-1 Multidishes((No. of wells:12)75 / box) Flat 128 x 86 call for price

159641 Serological Pipettes(Total volume:25ml Units per pack:50) Green call for price