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This P-Type is made of paper and there are 8 or 9 different temperature indicators on one strip.
It is mainly used in textile industries. In fusing work, for example, the TM-Strips are placed between fabric and fusible interlining with the indicator to the fabric. Fusing is then performed as usual. After lifting the press, the fabric and interlining are parted at the appropriate spot in order to remove the TM-Strip. The temperature reached can then be read off on the indicators which have changed the colour.
In order to achieve accurate values the indicators should be kept clean and dry although a short-term exposure to damp can cause no damage.

Size: about 90 x 4 mmPacking: One plastic bag contains 40 strips of same type.
Areas of application:
temperature monitoring of bearings, clutchs, brakes, valves, gear boxes
Electrical field:
coils, generators, transformers, switches, appliances, casings
soldering of printed circuits, transistors, resistors, tubes
Storage and transport:
monitoring the safe store or transport temperature of heat sensitive goods such as chemicals, food-stuffs and biologicals

Equl SKU Product UOM Specification Price(USD)QTY
TYPE 1 104-143°C P-Type 40/pack 90 x 4 mm $208.00
TYPE 1.1 127-171°C P-Type 40/pack 90 x 4 mm $208.00
TYPE 2 143-182°C P-Type 40/pack 90 x 4 mm $208.00
TYPE 3 182-224°C P-Type 40/pack 90 x 4 mm $208.00
TYPE 4 210-260°C P-Type 40/pack 90 x 4 mm $208.00
TYPE 0 41-104°C P-Type 40/pack 90 x 4 mm $208.00
TYPE 0 .1 82-127°C P-Type 40/pack 90 x 4 mm $208.00