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Non-Metallic Dummy

Also called a Stylet or Obturator. Installed to seal the top of the Guide and prevent tissue entry after removal of the Internal. The Dummy has a solid nylon filament which is inserted into the Guide tube; its rounded plastic cap screws onto the Guide threaded post. The nylon filament is supplied long to be cut to desired length.

Equl SKU Product UOM Specification Price(USD)QTY
L0313 Non-Metallic Dummy 32 (1.25) LARGE .330 (.013) call for price

L0314 Non-Metallic Dummy EA LARGE .330 (.013) call for price

L0315 Non-Metallic Dummy 32 (1.25) SMALL .203 (.008) call for price

L0316 Non-Metallic Dummy EA SMALL .203 (.008) call for price