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DuraSeal Cling

It Clings- Film can cling to itself and glass vessels.

Heat Resistant - Softens at 100°C.

Strong- Film can stretch 300-400% before breaking or tearing.

Tight Sealing - Forms an air tight barrier when stretched across openings.

Versatile - Compatibile in more applications than Parafilm®.

Equl SKU Product UOM Specification Price(USD)QTY
DB-DSC1-150 DuraSeal Cling, 1.00" x 150' EA $46.80
DB-DSC2-500 DuraSeal Cling, 2.00" X 500' EA $83.20
DB-DSC4-500 DuraSeal Cling, 4.00" x 500' EA $143.91
DB-DSC5-150 DuraSeal Cling, 5.00" x 150' EA $130.00