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As the global reliance on preventative veterinary medicine increases, so does the need for drug residue screening within the dairy industry. Consumer confidence is dependent on market transparency, ensuring the global milk safety. Randox Food offer a comprehensive range of easy to use, efficient and accurate methods for the screening and quantification of drug residues in milk.  With an extensive range of ELISA and multi-analyte arrays, Randox Food provides the highest quality testing platforms for the screening of antimicrobials and anthelmintics in milk.

Equl SKU Product UOM Specification Price(USD)QTY
R-CN1469 Chloramphenicol ELISA EA 96 tests $247.00
R-CB1418 CLENBUTEROL ELISA EA 96 tests $247.00
R-ST0796 EQUL Staphylococcal Enterotoxins ELISA EA call for price

R-354ERY01-96 Erythromycin ELISA EA call for price

R-HE09021 Gentamicin Elisa EA call for price

R-Lincomycin Lincomycin Elisa EA call for price

R-QL3454 Quinolones ELISA EA 96 tests $247.00
R-RT3451 Ractopamine ELISA EA 96 tests $247.00
R-AFM3512 RANDOX Aflatoxin M1 FAST ELISA EA 96 Tests $546.00
R-SU2148 RANDOX Beta-agonist ELISA EA 96 tests $247.00
R-BL3448 RANDOX Beta-lactam Antibiotics EA 96 Tests $650.00
R-238SCN01-96 Sodium sulfide ELISA EA call for price

R-STP3468 Streptomycin ELISA EA 96 tests $247.00
R-Sulbactam Sulbactam Elisa EA call for price

R-SZ2147 Sulphadiazine ELISA EA 96 tests $247.00
R-SQ2145 Sulphaquinoaxaline ELISA EA 96 tests $247.00