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The GT24 stirring system offers the user a stirrer with more power than the GT31 and a selection of speed ranges up to 2,500 rpm. This model combines today's permanent-magnet motor technology with solid-state electronics. It features totally enclosed, 1/17 hp, cool, and quiet-running motors with direct-drive and geared options, with continuously variable speed control.
  • Wide variety of sizes and horsepower ratings to meet most applications
  • Feedback circuitry to maintain speed even when viscosity changes
  • DC-filtered motors on most models to handle heavier loads and provide greater durability
  • Propellers and paddles for most applications
  • Cord-connected controls for safety and convenience
  • Reversible motors
  • Size: 8" w x 6" d x 3.38"h - case
  • Size: 4.38"w x 4.38"d x 7"h with 8.5" rod - motor bracket

The GT24 stirring system is furnished complete with motor, mounting bracket, controller and the following accessories:

  1. 099D A210106 - paddle
  2. 099D A210107 - propeller
  3. 099D A210101 - 3-jaw keyless chuck and arbor (GT24N and GT224N)
  4. 099D A260108 - 3-jaw keyless chuck and arbor (GT2406,GT22406,GT2412and GT22412)
  5. 100D LC300 - heavy duty 90 degree clamp

Lab stand 099D A130150 is recommended to mount GT24.