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Stirrers -- Category List

Glas-Col's glass and PTFE stirring assemblies are designed for overhead agitation in air-tight systems with single- or multiple-neck flasks. They also reduce the possibility of sample contamination and are well suited for agitating corrosive and caustic samples. The glass-stirring rod is precision ground and polished to reduce abrasion to the sealing surface of the PTFE bearing, thereby allowing a vacuum-tight seal. Each stirring rod includes a PTFE nut and bolt. Each PTFE bearing consists of a threaded glass adapter, a saddle O-ring, a body bushing with compression and locking nut, and a precision PTFE inner gearing. PTFE stirring blades rotate to permit easy insertion into a flask. The Flex-Coupling permits the use of the glass-stirring rod with a motor drive. The 3" epoxy-coated spring compensates for misalignment, reduces the chance for breakage, and eliminates the need for special adapters.

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