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For high-speed operations, the direct-drive shaft is recommended. The geared shaft, on the other hand, generates high torque and lower speeds. The homogenizer drive's electronic motor controller delivers versatile and reliable performance and maintains speed. This controller also provides:

  • Smooth rotation and repeatability, reduced motor temperature, and reduced noise thanks to filtered circuitry.
  • A switch for reversing pestle direction during homogenizing or allowing either motor shaft to rotate in the proper direction for use with the quick change chuck.
  • Cord connection to the motor so control can be placed away from corrosive hood environments for ease of access.
  • Totally enclosed motor.
  • 099D A130150 lab stand is recommended. 
  • Lab bench case size: 8"w x 6"d x 3.38"h
  • Motor size: 4.38"w x 4.38"d x 5.50"h

Also available CE marked.
The K64 higher rpm unit is not recommended for hand held operation.

Note: System does not include Lab Stand. Must be ordered separately.

Equl SKU Product UOM Specification Price(USD)QTY
G099C K5424 GLASCOL Homogenizer 099C K5424 EA 333/4,000 rpm $1,314.30
G099C K54 GLASCOL Homogenizer 099C K54 EA 333/4,000 rpm $1,181.70
G099C K5424CE GLASCOL Homogenizer 099C K5424CE EA 333/4,000 rpm $1,597.70
G099C K64 GLASCOL Homogenizer 099C K64 EA 333/4,000 rpm $1,341.60
G099C K6424CE GLASCOL Homogenizer 099C K6424CE EA 11,500 rpm $1,775.80
G099C K6424 Homogenizer motor and speed controller EA $1,492.40
G099C E2000 Nail Homogenizer EA $434.20
G099C S20 Straight PTFE Pestles & Tubes EA $78.00
G099C S30 Straight PTFE Pestles & Tubes EA $72.80
G099C S34 Straight PTFE Pestles & Tubes EA $171.60
G099C S35 Straight PTFE Pestles & Tubes 15ml $84.50