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Push-Pull Connector-Internal

Fits into a Push-Pull Guide for injection. A captive collar secures it to the Guide pedestal. Transfers fluid to and from the system to the animal via stainless steel tubes which extend below the Guide. Provides liquid under pressure through the Internal and returns the liquid by means of a vacuum applied to a circularly sealed area between the connector housing and the top of the Guide. The captive collar of the connector housing insures a positive seal of the matching tapered surfaces. The top pressure connection has a smaller gauge Internal telescoped through it, while the vacuum connection uses the full bore of the top connection tubing.
Note: Push-Pull action will not work with more than 0.5mm projection.

NOTE: The /O denotes an O-ring in the Connector-Internal to guarantee no leakage.
For compatibility with these Connector-Internals, you must use a /O Guide.

Equl SKU Product UOM Specification Price(USD)QTY
L0362 Push-Pull Connector-Internal 22 28 call for price

L0363 Push-Pull Connector-Internal 26 33 call for price