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HST20 Overhead Stirrer

The HST20 lets you maintain stirring speed with a 1/8 hp, totally enclosed, permanent-magnet DC motor. Digital readout displays speed in rpm's and torque in oz-in. Front panel switch toggles between speed and torque.
  • Actual speeds are displayed and maintained by a synthetic tachogenerator. (Speed is kept within less than 1% of the base speed from no-load to more than 100% of full-load regardless of AC line voltage fluctuations of ±10%.)
  • Viscosity measurement is easier thanks to a controller with a digital readout switch able between speed and torque.
  • Data on shear stress, shear rate, velocity gradients, and viscosity is accumulated easily with external DC multi-volt signals for speed and torque (for strip or X-Y recorders) available through an output port on the rear of the control.
  • Size: 8"w x 8"d x 4.75"h case
  • Size: 4.5"w x 4.5"d x 9.5"h with 8.5" rod - motor bracket

Operator convenience and safety is increased with cord connections between drive motors and controls to allow control placement away from hostile environments. 

The HST20 is a reversible drive motor with mounting bracket, controller and the following accessories:

  1. 099D A260100  3-jaw keyless chuck and arbor (HST20N and HST220N)
  2. 099D A260106  Propeller
  3. 100D LC300      heavy duty 90 deg clamp
  4. 099D A260200   3-jaw keyless chuck and arbor (hst20 geared motors)

Lab stand 099D A130150 is recommended to mount the HST20.

Equl SKU Product UOM Specification Price(USD)QTY
G099D HST2021 Stir tester, 1/8hp, 20:1 gearmotor 125 rpm, 120V EA $3,125.20
G099D HST22044 Stir tester, 1/8hp, 44:1 gearmotor 57 rpm, 240V EA $3,590.60
G099D HST2044 Stir tester, 1/8hp, 44:1 gearmotor 57rpm, 120V EA $3,331.90
G099D HST2004 Stir tester, 1/8hp, 4:1 gearmotor 660rpm, 120V EA $3,125.20
G099D HST20 Stir tester, 1/8hp, 9:1 gearmotor 266rpm, 120V EA $3,125.20
G099D HST220 Stir tester, 1/8hp, 9:1 gearmotor 266rpm, 240V EA $3,523.00
G099D HST20N Stir tester, direct drive, 1/8hp, 2500 rpm, 120V EA $3,114.80