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Autoclavable Vessel Culture Systems

Our autoclavable vessel culture systems use culture vessels designed for repeated autoclaving, and ideal for long-term use.  This system accepts ANY of the Synthecon culture vessels.  These batch systems are supplied with variable speed motor drives equipped with tachometer and autoclavable vessels of your choice.

Equl SKU Product UOM Specification Price(USD)QTY
3DB-1 The 3DB-1 bioreactor rotates EA $8,531.25  $7,507.50
3DB-4H The 3DB-4H bioreactor rotates EA $25,913.29  $17,102.80
3DB-R2 Accessories:EHARV 2ml 2ml $1,406.21
3DB-R10 Accessories:EHARV-10ml 10ml $2,465.71
3DB-R1 Accessories:EHARV-1ml 1ml $1,453.79
3DB-R4 Accessories:EHARV-4ml 4ml $1,406.21
STLV-500ML Accessories:STLVs EA 500ml $2,166.58
STLV-110ML Accessories:STLVs-110ml EA 110ML $1,648.66
STLV-250ML Accessories:STLVs-250ml EA 250ml $1,774.50
STLV-55ML Accessories:STLVs-55ml EA 55ml $1,635.01