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Our Mission


Products for the Greater Good


Our mission is to grow and foster a global community of scientists advancing life science research by facilitating access to research products directly from the scientific community.

We are committed to reinvesting back into research by returning a portion of the sale to the scientists and their institutions that contribute products for the Greater Good. We encourage the community to further scientific progress by providing or procuring novel research products, which allows scientists to accelerate their own research and enable other researchers to access products they need. Since any Procurer can also be a Provider, the entire interconnected community benefits the Greater Good of Science.


How it Works


These rare and often one-of-a-kind research materials are not developed or manufactured by us, but produced by principal investigators in the course of their work. These materials may be in limited supply, but may be just what your experiments require, and we expedite their delivery through a material transfer agreement for research use.


email to info(at) to connect with us to join as a providing lab.