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RANDOX Enzymatic Wine Testing Solutions

The science behind winemaking is known as oenology. A key part of the process involves enzymatic testing for a wide number of parameters to ensure quality is maintained in every bottle of wine produced.

Randox Food Diagnostics provide two instruments for wine analysis, the first being the semi-automated RX altona which is the perfect solution for wineries bringing testing in-house. The second is the RX monaco which is an efficient, cost-effective upgrade to a fully automated analyser.

Equl SKU Product UOM Specification Price(USD)QTY
R-CTR4065 RANDOX Citric Acid EA 40 Tests call for price

R-SI257 RANDOX Iron EA 400 Tests $195.00
R-MD1002 Randox Malic dehydrogenase (MDH) EA 5 ml call for price

R-TK4060 RANDOX Tartaric Acid EA 100 Tests call for price

R-AT2654 RANDOX Acetic Acid EA 40 Tests $247.00
R-AM1015 RANDOX Ammonia EA 50 Tests $247.00
R-CU2340 RANDOX Copper EA 100 Tests $247.00
R-DA4015 RANDOX Ethanol EA 32 Tests $247.00
R-FH10040 RANDOX Free SO2 EA 125 Tests $247.00
R-GF2635 RANDOX Glucose/Fructose EA 100 Tests $247.00
R-GOT1003 RANDOX Glutamate Oxoacetate Transaminase (GOT) EA 1 ml $247.00
R-GY105 RANDOX Glycerol EA 40 Tests $156.00
R-HK1000 RANDOX Hexokinase G6 PDH Enzyme EA 5 ml $247.00
R-LC2653 RANDOX Lactic Acid EA 40 Tests $247.00
R-ML2634 RANDOX Malic Acid EA 40 Tests $247.00
R-PGI1001 RANDOX Phosphoglucose Isomerase (PGI) EA 1 ml call for price

R-PT3852 RANDOX Potassium EA 60 Tests $247.00
R-NO3495 RANDOX Primary Amino Nitrogen (NOPA) EA 100 Tests $247.00
R-NX2332 RANDOX Total Antioxidant Status(TAS) EA 50 Tests $247.00
R-TS4051 RANDOX Total Sulphite (TSO2) EA 100 Tests $247.00
R-YAN RANDOX Yeast Assimilable Nitrogen (YAN) EA