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Flexible Packing -- Category List

Boilable, freezable, and microwavable polyester bags combine tensile strength with strong heat seals and superior barrier properties. Will sustain temperatures from –56 to 115°C (–70 to 240°F). Safe for use with concentrations of formaldehyde, most acids, alkalies, greases, oils, and organic solvents. Transparent, airtight, moisture- and odor-proof.

Regular weight pouches (2.5mil) are for moderate protection from handling and chemical or environmental contact.

Heavy-duty pouches (4.5mil) are for institutional and industrial use; they are also suitable for long-term storage and mailing.

Seal using vacuum or commercial heat-sealing equipment.
●  Sealers

●  SilverPAK
●  SpeciPAK
●  FoilPAK

●  StandPAK