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Tough-Spots Laser Labels

Our label sheets are specially designed to permanently accept laser printing.

We currently offer 5 different sizes in a variety of colors. See details below.

Equl SKU Product UOM Specification Price(USD)QTY
DB-SPOT-4000 1.00" Laser Tough-Spots 1,260/pk 1,260/pk $104.00
SPOT-2*00 1/2" Laser Tough-Spots 3,840/pk 3,840/pk $104.00
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DB-RNBW-1100 1/2" Laser Tough-Spots 3,840/pk EA $78.00
DB-SPOT-3000 3/4" Laser Tough-Spots 2,160/pk 2,160/pk $104.00
SPOT-1*00 3/8" Laser Tough-Spots, 3,840/pk 3,840/pk $104.00
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DB-SPOT-5000 7/16" Laser Tough-Spots 4,680/pk 4,680/pk $104.00