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Cannula Tubing

Our cannula tubing selection consists of silicon rubber, vinyl and polyethylene and can be used with a variety of our parts or to fit each researchers's specific needs. The PE50 will connect all of our internals (regardless of gauge size) to a 22 gauge syringe.
Other tubing offered: PE10, PE20, PE50 Thin Wall and PE90.

Equl SKU Product UOM Specification Price(USD)QTY
L0401 Cannula Tubing PE90 STANDARD WALL 1.27 (.050) .86 (.034) call for price

L0402 Cannula Tubing PE50 HEAVY WALL 1.27 (.050) .58 (.023) call for price

L0403 Cannula Tubing PE50 THIN WALL 1.0 (.041) .58 (.023) call for price

L0404 Cannula Tubing PE20 STANDARD WALL 1.09 (.043) .38 (.015) call for price

L0405 Cannula Tubing PE10 STANDARD WALL .61 (.024) .28 (.011) call for price

L0406 Cannula Tubing VINYL (PVC 60) 1.14 (.044) .685 (.027) call for price

L0407 Cannula Tubing SILICON RUBBER 1.19 (.047) .84 (.025) call for price