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Ice Pans and Buckets

Ideal for ice, dry ice, dry ice-alcohol slurry and liquid nitrogen.  Each solid, one-piece, molded expanded polyvinyl chloride (PVC) bucket and pan is lightweight, unbreakable, non-sweating and leakproof.  Resistant to temperatures from -321°F (-196°C) to 200°F (93°C), chemically resistant to highly acidic and basic solutions, salts, alcohol, chloroform, phenol, etc.

Equl SKU Product UOM Specification Price(USD)QTY
IP-1L 1L Ice Pan Each $78.65
IP-2.5L 2.5L Ice Bucket Each $114.40
IP-4L 4L Ice Pan EA $138.71
IP-9L 9L Ice Pan Black Each $169.91