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HST10 Overhead Stirrer

 The HST10 is available in direct-drive or geared models with a totally enclosed, 1/17 hp, permanent-magnet DC motor. Digital readout displays speed in rpm's and torque in gm-cm (kg-cm for geared motors). Front panel switch toggles between speed and torque.
Actual speeds are displayed and maintained by a synthetic tachogenerator. (Speed is kept within less than 1% of the base speed from no-load to more than 100% of full-load regardless of AC line voltage fluctuations of ±10%.)
Viscosity measurement is easier thanks to a controller with a digital readout switch able between speed and torque.
Data on shear stress, shear rate, velocity gradients, and viscosity is accumulated easily with external DC multi-volt signals for speed and torque (for strip or X-Y recorders) available through an output port on the rear of the control.
Operator convenience and safety is increased with cord connections between drive motors and controls to allow control placement away from hostile environments.
Size: 8"w x 8"d x 4.75"h - case
Size: 4.38"w x 4.38"d x 7"h with 8" rod - motor bracket
The HST10 includes a reversible motor drive with mounting bracket, controller and the following accessories:

099D A210101- 3-jaw keyless chuck and arbor (HST10N and HST210N)
099D A260108- 3-jaw keyless chuck and arbor (HST10 geared motors)
099D A210106- paddle
099D A210107- propeller
100D LC300 - heavy duty 90 deg clamp
Lab stand 099D A130150 is recommended to mount the HST10

Equl SKU Product UOM Specification Price(USD)QTY
G099D HST210N Stir tester direct drive 1/17hp motor, 2500 rpm, 240V EA $2,705.30
G099D HST10N Stir tester direct drive 1/17hp motor, 2500rpm, 120V EA $2,433.60
G099D HST21012 Stir tester, 1/17hp 12:1 gearmotor 208 rpm, 240V EA $3,105.70
G099D HST1012 Stir tester, 1/17hp 12:1 gearmotor 208rpm, 120V EA $2,433.60
G099D HST21006 Stir tester, 1/17hp 6:1 gearmotor, 417 rpm, 120V EA $3,105.70
G099D HST1006 Stir tester, 1/17hp 6:1 gearmotor, 417rpm, 120V EA $2,433.60