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Sweet Sue

Sweet Sue for labs and autoclaves

Defeat- problem odors in rooms, incubators and closets.

Ideal -for placement inside autoclaves.

Neutralize- or mask smells from bacterial and cell growth media, fly media and other materials producing nitrogenous and sulfurous malodors.

Proprietary- structure gradually releases pleasurable fragrances over a longer period of time than competing products.

Pleasant - Fragrance is not tiresome or overpowering

Equl SKU Product UOM Specification Price(USD)QTY
SUE-400 Sweet Sue for animal facilities, 10/pk 10/pk $27.69
SUP-1000 Sweet Sue Pouch, 6/pk 6/pk $8.71
SUE-*00 Sweet Sue, 10/pk 10/pk $27.69