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Amylase Test

The amylase assay Equl Amylase Test is used in a variety of fields for precise determination of α-amylase activity. The presence of the α-amylase enzyme in for instance saliva, food and honey makes Equl tablets useful for forensic saliva tests, diastase tests in honey or amylase tests in other applications.


Amylase activity is the core of all Equl products. Currently there are three different Equl product types; the original Amylase Test, the Forensic Saliva Test and the Honey Diastase Test. They are all based on amylase testing but employs different methodology.

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Equl SKU Product UOM Specification Price(USD)QTY
P1305 Amylase test tablets(5) bottle 5/bottle $32.50
P1301 Amylase test tablets(50) bottle 1x50 tablets $232.96
P1302 Amylase test, 5x100 tablets bottle 5x100 tablets $1,164.54