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The world wide production of genetically modified crops (e.g. soy and corn) has steadily increased since the beginning of the 90’s. Since the 1st of September 1998 all food products which are containing genetically modified organisms (GMO) must be labelled. As stated by the Council of Ministers of the European Union (EU), regulation for the labelling of Novel Food: Decision No. 1139/98/EC.

Furthermore since April 2004 the EU directive 1829/2003 came into force and determines the labeling threshold value at 0.9 % GMO in EU for food and feed.

SureFood® is a modular system which is based on the 3 main components DNA-preparation, amplification and detection. Each component consists of different modules. All modules are compatible – thus, SureFood® is a highly flexible system which can be easily configured for different user specific applications. Sample preparation is an important step in any PCR assay and is crucial for accurate and reliable results. For that purpose SureFood® PREP-Plant and SureFood® PREP-Plant X put to your disposal. These products guarantee initial material for PCR of high quantity and quality. The amplification and detection of the DNA can be performed by SureFood® PCR-ELISA for a qualitative detection or with SureFood® real-time PCR for a quantitative detection as desired. Additional screening test for detection of 35S promotor and NOS terminator are offered. SureFood® is available as product and service as well.

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