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Stickers for labeling petri dishes.

PetriStickers allow for petri dishes to be labeled quickly, neatly and reliably.  Made with water-resistant ink, substrate and adhesives and will remain firmly attached at temperatures from 42° to 4°C.  Simply remove the label's protective backing and apply it to the back of a petri dish.  After labeling, the dish can be held in a comfortable position for streaking or colony transfer, stored in an incubator or refrigerator, and photographed.

Equl SKU Product UOM Specification Price(USD)QTY
DB-PSTK-3000 PetriStickers, 3 Color Grid 18/pk 18/pk $23.40
DB-PSTK-2010 PetriStickers, Sectored Pies 36/pk 36/pk $21.71
PSTK-1010 PetriStickers, Square Grids 36/pk 36/pk $21.71