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WS180 Shaker

This shaker efficiently agitates small to medium solid phase peptide synthesis flasks.

It is also useful for shaking culture flasks and for agitating hard-to-dissolve solids such as polymers.

  • Shakes two flasks simultaneously.
  • Simulates shaking by hand by rotating through 180° of arc.
  • 2 to 30 rpm adjustable from front knob
  • May be used with screw-cap top or side-arm flasks.
  • Two large-finger clamps included to secure glassware up to 3-1/2" in diameter, 10" long.
  • Shaft bearing design permits operation in cold room or incubator.
  • DC filtering promotes longer motor life.
  • Base configuration prevents "walking" on bench top.
  • Electrical: fuse protected, on/off switch, variable speed control, 6 foot 3 wire grounded cord
  • Electrical rating: 50/60Hz
  • Size: 14"w x 6 1/2"d x 7"h

Equl SKU Product UOM Specification Price(USD)QTY
G099A WS18012 WS180 Shaker (Voltage 120) 180 degree shaker w/2-large finger clamps 2-30rpm $2,185.30
G099A WS18024 WS180 Shaker (Voltage 240)180 degree shaker w/2-large finger clamps EA 2-30rpm $2,273.70
G099A WS18024CE WS180 振荡器(Voltage 240CE)180 degree shaker w/2-large finger clamps 2-30rpm $2,401.10