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Enzyme mark instrument

We invite you to discover Awareness Technology's ChemWell®, ChemWell®-T, Stat Fax®, LumiStat®, and ChroMate® instruments. Now, more than ever before, the discerning laboratorian is inclined to seek versatile, economical alternatives to more expensive laboratory instruments. Awareness Technology offers economical alternatives to higher priced laboratory instruments. Awareness Technology's instruments maintain the high level of quality and reliability needed for long-term peace of mind, in a wide range of clinical applications. High quality at low cost is not a new concept at Awareness Technology. For over 29 years, our service mark has been Cost-Effective by Design®, with no compromises in performance or reliability.

Equl SKU Product UOM Specification Price(USD)QTY
CHROMATE-4300 Chromate Microplate Reader $2,757.04
EQUL-HA-1600 Plate reader EA
EQUL-CHECK SET Redi-Check® Photometer Check Set EA $102.96
STAT FAX 2100 STAT FAX 2100 Microplate Reader EA $4,279.21
STAT FAX 303 PLUS STAT FAX 303 Plus Microstrip Reader $2,757.04
STAT FAX 3200 STAT FAX 3200 Microplate Reader $5,308.29
STAT FAX 4200 STAT FAX 4200 Multichannel Microplate Reader EA $5,308.29
STAT FAX® 4700 Stat Fax® 4700 Microstrip Reader $2,860.00