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PROSPEC Products

ProSpec provides proteins, services and technology license to a broad range of customers around the globe from academic and government research institutions, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, as well as hospitals and reference laboratories.

ProSpec's goal is to supply proteins which are crucial to the research industry to meet and exceed quality, consistency and requirements by our customers world wide. The company welcomes partnerships with pharmaceutical and industrial companies for development of future proteins.

Equl SKU Product UOM Specification Price(USD)QTY
CCH-002 1F8 Chagas 5μg $70.46
CYT-149 4 1BBL 5μg $70.46
CYT-649 4 1BBL, His 5μg $70.46
CYT-463 4 1BBR 5μg $70.46
CYT-137 4 1BBR, His 5μg $70.46
PRO-172 A2LD1 2μg $70.46
PRO-551 A2M 200μg $70.46
PRO-1479 AAGAB 5μg $70.46
ENZ-008 AASDHPPT 5μg $70.46
ENZ-612 ABHD10 2μg $70.46
ENZ-240 ABHD14B 1μg $70.46
PRO-1227 ABI3 2μg $70.46
ENZ-167 ABO 2μg $70.46
PRO-1466 ABRACL 5μg $70.46
ENZ-251 ACAA1 5μg $70.46
ENZ-697 ACAA2 2μg $70.46
ENZ-294 ACAD8 5μg $70.46
ENZ-190 ACADL 2μg $70.46
ENZ-529 ACADM 2μg $70.46
ENZ-467 ACADS 2μg $70.46
ENZ-643 ACADSB 2μg $70.46
ENZ-250 ACADVL 2μg $70.46
ENZ-665 ACAT1 5μg $70.46
ANT-101 ACAT1 5μg $70.46
ENZ-295 ACAT2 5μg $70.46
PRO-1734 ACBD6 5μg $70.46
ENZ-056 ACO1 1μg $70.46
ENZ-756 ACOT11 5μg $70.46
ANT-424 ACOT11 5μg $70.46
ENZ-004 ACOT13 2μg $70.46
ENZ-214 ACOT7 5μg $70.46
ANT-462 ACOT7 5μg $70.46
ENZ-712 ACOT8 5μg $70.46
ENZ-408 ACP1 5μg $70.46
CYT-024 Acrp30 2μg $70.46
CYT-280 Acrp30 5μg $70.46
ANT-232 Acrp30 5μg $70.46
CYT-434 Acrp30 HEK 2μg $70.46
CYT-433 Acrp30 His 10μg $70.46
CYT-764 Acrp30 HMW 2μg $70.46
CYT-233 Acrp30 Tri 2μg $70.46
PRO-1220 ACTA2 2μg $70.46
PRO-377 ACTG1 2μg $70.46
HOR-279 ACTH 2mg $70.46
PRO-517 Actin 10μg $70.46
CYT-569 Activin A 2μg $70.46
CYT-078 Activin A HEK-Active 1ug $70.46
CYT-052 Activin A Plant 2μg $70.46
CYT-414 Activin A Plant-Active 1ug $70.46
CYT-145 Activin A, Active 2μg $70.46