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Cannula Systems -- Category List

Plastics One's Guide Cannula System is the standard for infusion research.
The Guide is an implanted hollow stainless steel tube which guides an Internal or Injector Cannula to a specific injection site.
The Internal can be paired with our Connector Assembly, which hydrostatically seals the Internal with the injection tubing and syringe.
When not injecting through the Guide, a Cannula Dummy (Stylet) can be inserted to prevent tissue entry in the bottom of the Guide.
An Implanting Cannula Dummy can also be inserted during implantation to prevent tissue entry into the Guide.

Our Double (Bilateral) Cannula System is available for bilateral implantations within close proximity.

As from our start-up in 1958, all of our cannulas are guaranteed for one-time use.

●  Flanged

●  Back-Mount

●  Dust Caps