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Cryo-Babies® and Cryo-Tags® -- Category List

From -196­­°C to 150­°C
We offer a wide variety of sizes and colors.  Please choose a format below for more information.
Our patented Cryogenic labels (Cryo-Babies are the small sizes and Cryo-Tags are the larger), are flexible polyolefin labels that withstand conventional and cryogenic storage conditions (vapor and liquid phase nitrogen storage at -196 °C).  The labels are chemically inert with a solvent resistant acrylic adhesive that will adhere to all plastics, glass and metal.  Cryo-Babies and Cryo-Tags will withstand boiling water baths at 100°C and dry heat up to 150 °C without cracking, peeling or degrading.
Cryo-Babies and Cryo-Tags resist most detergents and oils, as well as many organic solvents, caustic agents and other challenges without peeling.  They will resist water soaking for at least 24 hours at room temperature and water vapor (100% relative humidity) at 35°C for at least 24 hours.