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Fibroblast Cells, Human, Primary, >1.5M


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BM-5060-1EA Fibroblast Cells, Human, Primary, >1.5M EA 1 Vial Dry Ice $403.00  

Advanced BioMatrix provides high quality normal, human, neo-natal skin fibroblast cells at passage 5.  The fibroblasts are provided at a volume of 1 ml in cryo-vials with a minimum of 1.5 million viable cells per vial.

Quality Control

Advanced BioMatrix’s fibroblasts have been produced under current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) employing stringent controls during processing.  The fibroblasts have been checked for cell counts and cell viability. The fibroblasts have undergone safety testing including sterility, and mycoplasma and results found to meet specifications.  Furthermore, the tissue donors and mothers of the donors have been screened for serological testing for several viruses and found to be acceptable.  A certificate of analysis is available with the purchase of fibroblast cells.

Maintaining  Product Quality

The cell vials are stored in liquid nitrogen (LN2) under GMP conditions and continuously monitored for temperature.


Fibroblast cells are recommended for use in a variety of cell culture applications including, feeder layers for the culture of embryonic stem cells (ESC), feeder layers for optimal culturing conditions of fastidious cell lines cells and for general cell culture and research.