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Extracellular Matrix Screening Array


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BM-5075-1EA Extracellular Matrix Screening Array EA 1 Kit Gel Ice $338.00  

ECM Select® Array is an extracellular matrix screening array. This product has thirty (30) extracellular matrix (ECM) conditions that are deposited onto the hydrogel surface as printed array spots using propriety MicroStem® technology.  Each ECM condition is printed with four (4) replicate spots where each spot has diameter of 400 µm.  The ECMs are localized within each spot without cross diffusion from neighboring spots, therefore each spot represents an independent ‘well’ or experiment.

The ECM Select® Array Kit contains a microscope glass slide printed with the ECM conditions contained within a protective slide holder and a pre-sterilized tray.  The components are sterilized and ready-to-use.

Cells of interests are seeded on to the ECM Select® Array slide and allowed to be cultured in the incubator for desired amount of time. Cell morphology, attachment and growth can be visualized using a bright field microscope. Specific cellular behaviors can be monitored by staining the cells on the slide using specific fluorescence based marker. Fluorescence signal can be detected using fluorescence microscope imaging system.

The ECM Select® Array Kit is simple to use in comparison to performing the same experiment in multi-well tissue culture plates.  Cell seeding, fixing, washing and process step are done in one single solution exchange, eliminating multi-well solution handlings. From start to finish, the optimal ECM for culturing cells can be determined in less than 24 hours for most cell types.

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