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ALD Coupling Solution

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Product Code9704
Storage conditions2-8 C
ToxicitySee MSDS
Drug master fileU.S. Food & Drug Administration

Highly pure 1M sodium cyanoborohydride for reducing Schiff bases.

Many aldehyde-activated resins require a reducing agent to form a stable secondary amine linkage from the temporary Schiff-base formed between the aldehyde and amine-containing protein. Sodium borohydride is commonly used even though it is too strong, and as a result can reduce the intramolecular disulfide bridges in the ligand being immobilized. This can reduce or elimate the immobilized ligand's binding affinity ligand's for the protein to be purified. Sterogene developed the use of sodium cyanoborohydride (NaCNBH3) as a milder reducing agent incapable of reducing the ligand but suffciently strong enough to couple the ligand to an activated aldehyde. As a service to our clients, ALD Coupling Solution is included with any order of Actigel ALD.

We also include ALD Coupling Solution to alleviate inconsistency in using solid NaCNBH3 to prepare the couping solution. Solid NaCNBH3 contains different levels of NaBH4 contaminant that can reduce proteins. ALD Coupling Solution contains 1M NaCNBH3 and is free of
NaBH4 contamination. Please see Actigel ALD for further information.