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R6721 PrionScreen 3 Microtiter plates with 80 wells (plus 16 control  

Intended use:
Microplate-based Absorbance Immuno Assay for the in vitro detection of BSE-specific prion protein in cattle.

  General information:
The PrionScreen test is EU approved for detection of prion proteins in cattle. The test is based on the detection of protease K resistant prion proteins (PrPres) and is used as a post mortem test. PrionScreen reacts superior with cattle, scrapie, atypical scrapie (Nor98) and CWD samples. One kit is sufficient for 240 measurements. Tissue Cutters (R6722) and Homogenization Devices (R6723 or R6724) are integral parts of the whole kit. The distribution in Japan will be performed by Roche Diagnostics itself.

Format:  3 Microtiter plates with 80 wells (plus 16 controls). 

 Shelf life: 12 month