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SureFood® GMO RoundUp Ready Soya

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Intended use:
Real-time PCR for quantitative detection of RoundUp Ready Soya in food, feed and environmental samples. Test kits for DNA preparation are separately available (SureFood® Prep Plant and Prep Plant X).

PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) amplifies the DNA target sequence, which is subsequently detected via fluorescence labelled hybridization probes in real time.
All SureFood® GMO real time PCR kits use FAM/TAMRA labelled TaqMan probes.

The PCR product for the genetic modification has a size of 172 bp (base pairs)
( pet detection gene). The kit also contains a reference system ( lec reference gene). The PCR product has a size of 118 bp.

PCR protocols are available for:
LightCycler (Roche)
ABI PRISM 7000/7700/7900 SDS (Applied Biosystems)
Mx3000P, Mx4000 (Stratagene)
Rotor-Gene (Corbett Research)
Opticon (MJ Research / Oxoid)
iCycler (Bio-Rad)
Smart Cycler (Cepheid)
Mastercycler ep realplex (Eppendorf)

The PCR kit can be performed all commonly used real-time PCR Cyclers.

  General information:
The world wide production of genetically modified crops (e.g. soya and corn) has steadily increased since the beginning of the 90's. Since the 1st of September 1998 all food products which are containing genetically modified organisms (GMO) must be labeled. As stated by the Council of Ministers of the European Union (EU), regulation for the labeling of Novel Food: Decision Nr. 1139/98/EC. Furthermore since April 2004 the EU directive 1829/2003 came into force and determines the labeling threshold value at 0,9 % GMO for food and feed. In accordance with § 64 of the LfGB (Lebensmittel- und Futtermittelgesetzbuch), the German equivalent of the FDA, R-Biopharm in cooperation with our partner CONGEN offers the solution in accordance with the German official register of investigative protocols presented in the LFGB for a quick and efficient DNA detection of GMOs in various materials. All the way through, from the individual ingredients to the end product.

Format:  100 reactions 
Sample preparation: 1. DNA preparation (SureFood® Prep)
2. PCR set up
3. PCR run 
Detection limit: 2 copies of the target sequence for the reference and detection system each.

 Additional Information:
Materials required but not provided with the test kit:

• Reagents for DNA preparation (SureFood® Prep)
• real-time PCR instrument
• Optical tubes and caps / LightCycler capillaries
• Pipette tips with filter (Filter tips) to reduce risk of contamination