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RIDA® C18 column

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R2002 RIDA® C18 column 100 x C18 columns (100 mg/ml column reservoir) wit call for price none

Intended use:
The solid phase extraction (SPE) with RIDA® C18 columns is an efficient technique for a fast and selective sample preparation, especially for the RIDASCREEN® anabolic- and hormone enzyme immunoassays.

General information:
A solid phase extraction procedure normally consists of 5 steps:

− sample pre-treatment (extraction and conditioning of the extract)
− column solvation and pre-equilibration
− sample application
− elution of interfering matrix components / rinsing of the column
− elution of the analyte

Format:100 x C18 columns (100 mg/ml column reservoir) with
100 mg end-capped sorbent (octadecyl sorbent)