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RIDASCREEN®FAST Folsäure (Folic acid)

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R3202 RIDASCREEN®FAST Folsäure (Folic acid) 48孔微孔板 (6条每条8孔) call for price none

Intended use:
RIDASCREEN®FAST Folsäure (Folic acid) is a competitive enzyme immunoassay for the quantitative analysis of folic acid in fortified food, feed and vitamin products.

General information:
Folic acid, also known as vitamin B9, belongs to the water soluble vitamins. It is an important factor in food and also an important feed additive. Folic acid plays a key role in all growth and development processes in the body.

Format:Microtiter plate with 48 wells (6 strips with 8 removable wells each)
Standards:0 ppb (zero standard), 1 ppb, 2 ppb, 5 ppb, 10 ppb,
25 ppb
Sample preparation: milk: centrifugation and dilution
juices: dilution, filtration or centrifugation
other matrices: homogenization, extraction, filtration or centrifugation and dilution
Incubation time:25 min
Detection limit: milk: approx. 10 ppb
milk powder: approx. 100 ppb
grain, cereals: approx. 100 ppb
fortified flour: approx. 400 ppb
vitamin powder, -premixes, -tablets, -capsules
and -candies: approx. 1000 ppb
vitamin juice: approx. 100 ppb

(corresponding to the standard substance)
Cross-reactions: Folic acid: 100 %
Dihydrofolic acid: 3 %
Tetrahydrofolic acid: 1.5 %
5-Methyltetrahydrofolic acid: 0.1 %