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Quick-RNA™ MicroPrep

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About Quick-RNA™ MicroPrep


The Quick-RNA MicroPrep kit is an innovative product designed for the easy, reliable, and rapid isolation of DNA-free RNA from a wide range of cell (up to 106) and tissue samples (up to 5 mg).  The procedure combines a unique buffer system with Fast-Spin column technology to yield high quality total RNA (including small RNAs 17-200 nt) in about 10 minutes.

The procedure is simple:  Add the provided RNA Lysis Buffer to a sample, then purify the RNA using theZymo-Spin Columns.  The result is highly-concentrated, DNA-free RNA that is suitable for subsequent RNA-based methods including RT-PCR, hybridization, sequencing etc.  In addition, the kit can be used for enrichment of small and large RNAs in two separate fractions.