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Electrical Connector Pedestal

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L0454 Electrical Connector Pedestal 5.0 (20) 21 STAINLESS STEEL STAINLESS STEEL call for price none
This unit is also head mounted, and is used for connecting thermistors and other recording devices. The plastic pedestal consists of a threaded cylindrical top on a square base molded around two stainless steel tubes covered with silicone rubber tubing that project from the side of the base. Leads are inserted into the tubes and crimped.
Mates with any 303 style dustcap.
The pedestal is secured with cranioplastic cement and mounting screws.
A Dacron mesh option is also available if needed as an attachment to the electrode pedestal.
Pedestal Height: 8.38 mm (.33").
Pedestal Base Diameter: 4.47 mm (.176").