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Wash-N-Dry™ Cover Slip Rack


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WSDR-1000 Wash-N-Dry™ Cover Slip Rack Each Microscopy $42.25  
Holds 10 Coverslips - Fast & easy cleaning, surface-treating and drying.  Holds all slipcover sizes including 18, 22 and 25mm.

Durable and Hassle Free- One piece polypropylene rack does not require assembly and is chemically and thermally resistant.  Autoclavable!

Secrue- Innovative design includes a notch to secure coverslips with a rubber band or loop of monofilament.

Compatible - Fits inside a 100ml beaker with space underneath for a small stir bar when submerged.

Economical - Available at a fraction of the
cost of Teflon®.