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Thermo Scientific* Deionizer Cartridges


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D0803 Thermo Scientific* Deionizer Cartridges EA 双床离子交换 容量:1760 grains 容量:1760 grains $146.25  

Cartridge for high capacity; two-bed ion exchange; full size
Thermo Scientific Barnstead D0803 Cartridge with Two-Bed Ion Exchange Resin, 1760 Grain High Capacity, For B-Pure or Bantam Deionizer

Type:High Capacity

Characteristics:Removes ionized impurities, produces a larger quantity of water than that of the Ultrapure (D0809); however, at a lower resistivity.

Resin:Two-bed Ion Exchange

Capacity:1760 grains

For Use With:Bantam Deionizer, B-Pure

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